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ShamWow gives away branded face masks in its dystopian infomercial

Ad Age 04 May 2020 10:28

The branded face mask has entered our TV screens.

In an infomercial disturbingly fitting for the times, ShamWow is gifting branded face masks as part of a new promotion.  

ShamWow, known for using infomercials to sell its line of absorbent yellow cloths, has a special dystopian deal: Buy two large Zinc ShamWows and get two more large zinc ShamWows, plus a free ShamWow face mask for $19.95 and free shipping.

The deal is being promoted in its latest infomercial, currently airing on channels like CNN, Grit TV and ESPN, according to iSpot.tv. The one-minute infomercial shows the energetic ShamWow spokesman Vince Offer talking up the cloths and then wearing the face mask and giving a big thumbs up.

“Save time, save money, save the environment,” says Offer, promoting the deal, then adds: “Forget the environment, save yourself.”

The masks share the same yellow tint and material as its cloth predecessor, and for a significant reason beyond smart branding: Online, the brand states its cloths are made out of the same material as surgical masks: “Shamwow cloths are a 100% viscose/polypropylene thermally bonded non-woven cloth which is the material type used in medical grade masks such as the hard to find N95 and surgical masks.”

ShamWow also says it has added a “cotton inner shell” to “block any inert fibers from entering through the mouth.” To top it off, it reads “ShamWow” across the mouth.

ShamWow does disclose that its cloths are not for medical use, but states that they "filter out microbial particles more than the typical 100% cloth masks, being offered in the marketplace currently."

ShamWow joins a growing amount of brands that are selling face masks with their logos or characters printed across them. Brands like the NBA, Disney, Universal Music Group and others have begun selling branded face masks for people looking for fun statement pieces during pandemic as cities enforce their use and the CDC has encouraged people to wear cloth masks in public.

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