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The top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about right now: May 4, 2020

Ad Age 04 May 2020 05:22

Hello Creativity fans, this is Ann-Christine Diaz, Creativity Editor at Ad Age. Welcome to the top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about right now.

5. My Box Shop: ‘No Toxins,’ Engine, Gify Tube
This Instagram ad from D-to-C feminine products brand My Box Shop created by Engine and Gify Tube appeared to seize on the moment of President Trump’s much-criticized suggestion to inject disinfectant into the body as a possible coronavirus cure. Turns out it was made months ago, yet happened to have a serendipitously timely theme.

4. Emily Crisps: ‘Eat Bold’
London-based snack brand Emily Crisps had the bad luck of booking outdoor media space for its very first campaign right now, when everyone’s sheltered at home. So it made the most of the poor timing by creating billboards that made fun of its misfortune. They make wisecracks like “Our first ever poster, seen by a runner and one pigeon” and “Hmm. Maybe we should have made a TV ad instead.”

3. Sing Street: ‘Grounded,’ Droga5 and Smuggler
Smuggler and Droga5 teamed up to bring a bit of “Sing Street,” a play that was meant to make its Broadway debut this spring, to the quarantined masses in a Facebook Live Benefit for the Mayor’s Fund for New York City and Broadway Cares. Through a remote production process directed by Henry-Alex Rubin, they united all the cast members from around the globe virtually to perform key songs and scenes from the show.

2. Coors Light: ‘Could Use a Beer,’ DDB Worldwide
A fresh bit of levity during the pandemic from Coors Light and DDB Worldwide, which offers up beer as a coping aid during the pandemic. It goes through various scenes from history in which beer helped to uplift the spirits of those enduring tough times, like the Revolutionary War, the Great Depression and, finally, right now—like when a 93-year-old woman named Olive went viral for holding up a sign reading “I need more beer,” with can of Coors Light in her hand. The ad features a V.O. from Paul Giamatti and archival images animated via Elastic, and kicks off a program in which people can gift six-packs to friends by tagging their social posts with #coulduseabeer.

1. Don’t Panic: ‘Honest Zoom Call,’ Don’t Panic
Agency Don’t Panic London created this wickedly funny short film revealing what we’re all really thinking when we’re on our damn Zoom calls.

That's it for the Top 5. Make sure to check out more of the best in brand creativity at Adage.com/Creativity.

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