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Ad Age 20-Minute Take: Marketing in context

Ad Age 04 May 2020 03:30

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Ad Age 20-Minute Takes is a virtual event series tackling how marketers and buyers can, or should, adjust their strategies in the current climate. Leading executives from Verizon Media are on hand to share their expertise and insights in this cut-to-the-chase series designed to inform, then get you on with your day.

This week: Marketing in context. Advertising doesn’t work in a vacuum and certainly not today as weeks of working from home wear on and screen time reaches unprecedented levels. Beyond messaging and creative, context can be a brand’s greatest friend or its worst enemy, especially for native ads and branded content. But how can marketers plan in an ever-changing environment? And what tools can be used to ensure relevant messaging is reaching customers in the right context?

Ad Age Studio 30 Editor John Dioso and Verizon Media’s Head of Native Sales Missy Schnurstein have a quick, but in-depth discussion on how through insights and data, brands can create authentic connections and experiences that matter to their consumers.

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