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Best Places to Work 2020: Jump 450 Media

Ad Age 13 Jan 2020 04:30

Jump 450 Media has an unusual compensation system: The full-service digital performance marketing agency gives employees up to 50 percent of its revenue every month. 

Going well beyond typical profit-sharing mechanisms, Jump 450 says its model offers employees more earning power than at traditional agencies, which is among the reasons it was chosen third-best among companies with up to 200 employees in Ad Age Best Places to Work 2020.

“When you make sure people are taken care of, productivity and output increase way more than if you hired more people,” says Tom Murray, managing director, agency, at the New York-based shop. And employees are loyal; in three years under its current business model, only two people have left—one to launch a startup and the other for a family emergency. 

The company also offers its employees flexibility on where and when they work. Some people work a few times a week from home, or come in and leave earlier. “You want to work from California for two weeks? We’re flexible in that regard,” Murray says.

Jump 450 employs 29 people, a number that has more than doubled since the start of 2019. About one-third of staff are ethnic minorities. One area in which the company is still trying to improve is its hiring of women, who make up a third of the staff. Now, for every open job, the company makes sure that half the candidates are women. 

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