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Subscriber Exclusive: Ad Age May 4, 2020 Issue

Ad Age 04 May 2020 09:00

The May 4, 2020 issue of Ad Age is now available. Read it in PDF form below.

Doing their homework: From providing shooting kits to talent (or those living with them) so they could film themselves at home, to creating a remote video village to have the production team, agencies and clients present as shoots occur, it’s been a time of remote reinvention for production companies in lockdown.

Vacations go virtual: Virtual events are examples of how travel and tourism brands are trying to survive as real-world travel grinds to a halt. Brands—including lodging companies like Airbnb and Marriott—wineries and destination marketers, are putting stock in the virtual suitcase to maintain consumer excitement about travel.

Pitching in a remote world: Kids screaming, dogs barking, people who don’t realize they’re on mute practicing their miming skills are now the standard backdrop for any new business pitch. But agencies say they are adapting well to the new environment and are thankful there is new business activity at all.

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