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The Peloton wife is back … in a gin ad

Ad Age 07 Dec 2019 03:50

The Peloton wife is off the bike and in a bar.

Aviation Gin on Friday evening released a video on social media featuring the actress that starred in the widely-mocked Peloton spot. 

The clip does not directly reference Peloton, but actor Ryan Reynolds, who owns a stake in the gin, made clear in a tweet that the booze brand was having a little fun at Peloton’s expense. His tweet with the video tees it up by saying: "Exercise bike not included."

The actress, who has been identified as Monica Ruiz, clearly come along for the ride. In the spot the traumatized-looking woman is surrounded by friends, who toast to “new beginnings,” after one of her friends assures her that "you're safe here."

Reynolds’ tweet drew 7,000 retweets and more than 41,000 likes in the first two hours it posted, bringing plenty of attention to the brand, which has a history of finding clever ways to break through. In November, Reynolds appeared in an ad that plugged his Netflix movie, a Samsung TV and Aviation Gin—all at once. That spot was handled by  Adam & Eve DDB's New York office in collaboration with Reynolds’ production company, Maximum Effort Productions.

An Aviation spokeswoman confirmed that Maximum Effort was behind the Peloton spoof ad. Mekanism is the agency that handled the original Peloton spot.


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